Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog Day/gourd banjo alternatives

Okay--I have seen a groundhog live--but in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. I'm a native of Florida and there may be groundhogs here, but I have never actually seen one. We have zillions of possum and an abundance of deer, racoon, squirrels, gators, turtles, tortoise, snakes, birds, insects (even more than possum--there are over 70 species of grasshoppers alone in Florida :) And our mosquitoes are spectacular !

We have lots of animals around here. I even saw a wild boar cross the road on old highway 19 between Tallahassee and Crystal River (it was actually near the sign that said "Gulf Hammock"--no joke.) just last year.

But no groundhog. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea for my banjo that looks the most like a wild thing (my gourd banjo) to take the proxy yoke of groundhogship in North Florida for the day.

It has been raining like crazy all day and it was not necessary to put the gourdie out in the rain to determine that there was no shadow. :) So back to the house to pick by the fireplace a few more weeks before venturing forth into the spring festival season outdoors. :)

And here's a photo of Sherman, a stuffed groundhog (from Pennsylvania) celebrating the day!

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