Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog News Flash/Evening News for Feb. 2


From the Susquehanna Sherman Ground Hog Club Headquarters, Mount Wolf, PA

At 7:45 AM, February 2nd, 2006, Susquehanna Sherman saw his shadow at sunrise. His prediction is for six more weeks of winter. Note that, due to the partly cloudy conditions, his shadow was not clear and strong. Therefore, Sherman foresees three additional fortnights of mild winter.

Tim Smith
Susquehanna Sherman Ground Hog Club
Mount Wolf, PA

Susquehanna Sherman has been predicting the weather from the same location since 2003.

Susquehanna Sherman is a stuffed "melano" groundhog owned by the Susquehanna Sherman Ground Hog Club (SSGHC). The club has now grown to two members. Co-President and Co-Founder of the SSGHC, Tim Smith, was present at this morning's ceremony and took the picture. The other Co-President and Co-Founder, who shall remain nameless, has a job and was unable to attend.

Smith resides in an exclusive trailer park in the Mount Wolf area and currently houses Susquehanna Sherman. For more information, call 717-266-6300.

This news was actually available this morning, but I just got home from work and this was the first time I could blog it.

Other Breaking News For Today---I won an ebay auction for a spanking new red Hawaiin print dog collar for my basset hound, Jezebel. While walking last week, a neighbor pointed out that I should be reported for basset abuse because Jez was still wearing her Christmas collar (it is a red, green and gold plaid and could actually be worn as a Celtic theme collar--it's not like it had little Santas all over it or anything!) Anyway, I live in a major dog neighborhood where the dogs are spoiled brats and the owners love living under the paw. Anyway--Jez will have her new Hawaiin collar soon and will be one of the firsts on the block in her new spring attire.
Yes--the dog accessory and fashion police will be pleased and I will get to keep my doggie another year. :)

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