Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ponce de Leon on Deering audio sample page!

(Gordon, Arcy, & Natalie Cox/December 2006)
An MP3 of "Ponce de Leon" is now up on the audio sample page on the Deering banjo page. It is recorded on the Gabriella. :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Twenty best selling banjo tunes by Mary Z. Cox

Dear MARY,

Congratulations, your iMix "Twenty best selling banjo tunes" has been published in the iTunes Music store at:

Twenty best selling banjo tunes

Playlist Notes: Here are Mary Z. Cox's twenty best selling banjo tunes on itunes all in one place. A very nice sampler of tunes from all of Mary's banjo CDs.

Song Name Artist

Dixie Mary Z. Cox

Soldiers Joy Mary Z. Cox

Angeline Mary Z. Cox

Wayfaring Stranger Mary Z. Cox

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Mary Z. Cox

Cindy Mary Z. Cox

Blackberry Blossom MARY Z. COX

Song Of The Chanter Mary Z. Cox

Rockin' In A Weary Land Mary Z. Cox

Winder Slide Mary Z. Cox

Sweet Sunny South Mary Z. Cox

Dunsmore Lasses Mary Z. Cox

Shepherd's Wife Waltz Mary Z. Cox

Snowdrop MARY Z. COX

Sally Ann Mary Z. Cox

Old Yeller Dog MARY Z. COX

Sheebeg Agus Sheemore Mary Z. Cox

Andrew Jackson, Go Back Home Mary Z. Cox

Julie Ann Johnson MARY Z. COX

Bonaparte's Retreat Mary Z. Cox

Your iMix will be available in the iTunes Store for 1 year.