Wednesday, February 08, 2006

cigar box fiddle

Do believe my finger slipped on the ebay button. Swore I'd never buy another fiddle--but hey--this was just way too cool. You won't see me out and about with this--but I think I will surely have a lot of fun sawing on it at the house.

Besides, I had to have something to sound right with duets on the cigar box banjo when it arrives. :)


Mike said...

That is too cool Mary! How does it sound?


Mary Z. Cox/A Secret Life of Banjo said...

Hello Mike,
It was shipped yesterday and is still in transit--haven't heard it yet!
If it sounds good--I'll try and post some sort of sound file later. :)
Best wishes,
Mary Z. Cox

cdgnfg said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm just about to start my first cigar box uke but I'm blown away by the images of your fiddle. Please post the sound files!