Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pretty banjo season

Springtime must be the season of pretty new banjos, because here is another!

Gail Gillespie (editor at Old Time Herald) sent me this photo of a new banjo at her home and here is a blurb from her email telling all the details about it.

"As long as we're a-braggin' on banjos, here's a current favorite > around our house.This is my husband Dwight Rogers with a little > clawhammer banjo that our daughter Nora surprised him with last > Christmas. (she learned her trade from Mike Ramsey & Kevin Enoch)> The banjo is cherry with an ebony board, an 11 l/2 inch rim, deep rim > profile, no tone ring (except a top layer of ebony) & a short scale. > Her boyfriend Patrick, a metalworker, made the rim & brackets from > scratch and the dots are inlaid bronze markers. They steamed their own > rim and stained the outside black. Note the interesting peghead. We > just love its elegant postmodern/ 19th century appearance and its > beefy bass and bright treble.> Banjo-vially yours!> Gail"

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Anonymous said...

That banjo is amazing! Where can one find more about this instrument made by Nora and her metalworking boyfriend?