Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tuesday's Banjo

For whatever reason, my big computer is on the blink and I am sending this from my husband's wireless computer. I do not have it hooked up to my photo index--so it may be a few days before I publish photos again.
We are getting ready to refloor our bedroom and have been trying to remove everything from it.
It is amazing the amount of junk that can pile up. I have been dragging huge black garbage bags out to the curb of old paper and junk that has accumulated. In the process, I've found old tapes, music, video tapes, set lists from old bands. Amazing! There are tunes on set lists to bands that I cannot even remember the tunes or the last names of folks in the band. :)
I will still have tons that I can't bear to toss. Afterall, how can I cope without the twenty odd participant buttons for playing at the Florida Folk Festival?
I took a few photos of the banjo building class when I was at Brasstown and will try to get them up pretty soon. I took string quilting while there and had a very fun time and have almost finished my project quilt. My husband, Bob, took scrimshaw and I think he is going to be a natural. He bought a walrus tooth while there and has it earmarked for a necklace for me!
I think he is planning on a very special scrimshaw on it.
I did see and play a very unique banjo while there that I normally would have included in my banjo rescue program. But--I recently rescued a Gabriella--and my funds and credit are pretty well tied up in this project. It has been worth it, though. This banjo was built in 1996 and locked away by collectors and really never played like a real banjo. Now I am playing it everyday and it is very happy. Also--I've had it less than a month and already it has been played by George Gibson, Steve Harvey, an David Broise(spel?) This is a very fine rescue already. I hope to begin some recording on it soon. :)
More on banjo rescue later. :)

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