Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday's banjo is full of grace

George Gibson's banjos overwhelm me. We stopped at his home in St. Coud to visit on Sunday morning and what was intended as a thirty minute visit stretched to nearly three hours.
I dropped by to let him see and play my new banjo and he was totally unimpressed, which is understandable when you begin to look at George's collection at his home. I can't even remember the names of them, but one of them was the one he is holding in the photo below. He has a wonderful knowledge of banjo history and all kinds of historical photos to document it.
To read some of his articles and see a few photos of an exhibit he has in Kentucky--try his web page at: www.banjohistory.com

George knows quite a few Kentucky tunings and he taught me one while we were there.
I hope I remember this right. It had a dreamy sound that I really liked.
I'm going to have to visit again and focus on one section at a time. Besides his banjos, he had a wonderful collection of very early and historical mountain dulcimers as well and they distracted me . :)
Mary Z. Cox

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