Saturday, June 04, 2005


It's 7:30 AM and we are packing the Roadtrek to go to the Stephen Foster State Park at White Springs. I'm teaching a mountain dulcimer workshop today and we will play a couple tunes at the Cracker Coffeehouse tonight. There may be some jamming in the campground afterwards. (late)
By the way, I'll be teaching Joe LaRose's "Winder Slide" to mountain dulcimer players as a little bonus. It is one that I'll be working up soon on the clawhammer banjo. It is really pretty and Joe says he is controlling everyone's fingers through telepathy to play his tune throughout the land. :)
He evidently is controlling me, because I keep defaulting to his tune whenever I'm not playing something else. :)
When I get back, I'll begin describing each of my banjos and try to put up some photos.

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