Saturday, October 04, 2008

Drumming On the Edge of Banjo (Mary Z. Cox & Yazid)

A new sound coming in my secret life of banjo. :) Acoustic percussion has been working its way into the edges of my banjo, resulting in a new group forming (Bob & I are still very much recording and performing our duet--this is an additional group that we think world music fans will enjoy.

We are "Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo" and here is our short bio.
Two time Florida Banjo Champion, Mary Z. Cox, and African Caribbean drummer, Yazid, blend early Florida roots music in highly percussive rhythms for dancing and listening.

Yazid (William Johnson), a former professor of ethnomusicology at Florida State University, and drummer for Marvin Gaye, is a professional drummer and percussion instructor that plays regularly with several performance and dance groups all over Florida.

Mary Z. Cox, banjo recording artist, plays banjo with her guitarist husband, Bob Cox, in concerts and workshops from coast to coast, and has also played for old time dances in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina for many dance groups.

Mary Z. & Yazid are very pleased to introduce this new sound that draws from the not so diverse African/Caribbean and Southern banjo cultures. The banjo, is, after all, a drum with strings.

Yazid and Mary Z. are currently recording a “Drumming On the Edge of Banjo” CD which will hopefully be available in 2009. 

Sound files coming soon. For booking information (concerts and dances) please contact me at:


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