Sunday, December 23, 2007

John Hartford Banjo & Merry Christmas from Mary Z. & Bob Cox


Anonymous said...

Mary, I didn't know you were a deadhead? Love your music and banjo playing. See you at the Banjo HangOut. Richard in G'ville.

Anonymous said...

What????Another banjo???Good choice, Mary. If you ever want to sell it, call me first. Happy New Year,,,maybe see you at the Suwannee next week?

Charlie Cox said...

From Charlie Cox
Mary, you are so right about having more than one. I have 10 banjos now, from an 1895 English
1850's style fretless minstrel style to an 80's bluegrass style,
with a collection of Vega Tuba-phones in between, and I love 'em all. And almost every one has a story. I'm looking forward to seeing you out here in CA in June.