Thursday, November 22, 2007

Charleston, SC/Banjo and dulcimer!

Bob and I will be visiting Charleston on Saturday, December 8 and will
give a small concert Saturday evening at the Hungry Monk music store.

I'll also be giving clawhammer banjo and mountain dulcimer workshops
during the day on Saturday. :)

If you live anywhere near Charleston, please consider joining us for the
day--it will be lots of fun and a chance to learn a few new tunes and
technique on banjo and dulcimer.
Here are the workshop descriptions:

Old Time Banjo Workshop - 9 to 11am - $40
Creeping up the Banjo Neck (Intermediate)
Begin to play tunes up the neck in Double C or Double D tuning. Get your
fingers used to creeping past the 5th fret without music theory or stress!
We’ll use this technique to learn Sally Ann, John Stinson’s #2 and
Angeline. Come tuned in gCGCD. Add sparkle to your playing while having
lots of fun.

Mountain Dulcimer Workshop - 1 to 3pm - $40
Mountain Dulcimer Favorites/String Band Style (Intermediate)
Learn North Alabama fiddle tune, ‘Step Around Johnny" in an easy string
band style with fun variations. Mary Z. won first place in two
competitions in 2006 and one in 2007 playing this tune –and you can learn
to play it too! We’ll also experiment with "Julie Ann Johnson" and
"Angeline". Please come tuned in DAD.

The concert is at 8PM and tickets are $15 advance or at the door.
To pre register and find out more:
843-571-3857 John Holenko
Bob and I will be staying with Glenn Fleming and his lovely wife--so if
you are a friend of Glenn, you may contact him for tickets too.

This is the first time we have visited Charleston near Christmas and we
bet it will be just beautiful this time of year. Even if you live out of
town-this would be a nice weekend to come and stay at a bed and breakfast
or camp and see the sights in historic Charleston. There are excellent
restuarants and shopping to keep any spouse happy while you are in class.
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