Friday, November 10, 2006

Cedar Mountain banjo

Carroll sent me this photo that he snapped a couple weekends ago at Mary & Lo Gordon's home. Yes, that is my Cedar Mountain banjo that I am playing at the party. I also played it in the banjo contest and in the band contest.

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Anonymous said...

Mary, I just found your site. Currently I play a Bart Reiter Whyte Laydie, which has a pretty good volume for when I play with a hammered dulcimer or fiddle. I've been looking at Cedar Mountain banjos for a couple years now, and really like the look. But I've never played one (I'm in Michigan - no nearby dealers). I like a warm, woody sound, but need the volume. (Bart says his banjos have a "bright" tone -- but I think mine is on the darker end of bright.) How would you describe these qualities in Cedar Mountains? Is there a recording of one somewhere I can download? Thanks! -Patrick