Sunday, September 10, 2006

Banjo Dreamin Suwannee Nights tab book

This is my latest (2006) tab book. There are 17 simple tabs to the 16 tunes on the CD by the same name.
Suwannee River, We Three Kings, Dinah, Shepherd's Wife Waltz, Rockin' In A Weary Land, Sweet Sunny South, Song Of the Chanter, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Winder Slide, Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground, John Stinson's # 2, Hangman's Reel, Big Scioty, Going Back to Cairo, Light the Torch Jeannette Isabella/Good Christian Men Rejoice
If you happened to download the CD in itunes, you may not be aware that the tab book exists. :)
There is a nice form letter in the back to encourage your spouse to support your new banjo purchases as well as some nice playing and historical notes and pictures.
Check out this month's (September) Banjo Newsletter for a review of the CD and tab book.

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