Friday, July 28, 2006

Banjo duet/July 2006

Here's a couple shots of Lo Gordon and I recording a banjo duet when we visited Brevard in July. We recorded on two Cedar Mountain banjos and hope to have the tune on our next CD.
We are wearing the new Cedar Mountain T-shirts which are awesome and I bet Lo will have them for sale at Clifftop. :)

Here is a link to Lo's banjo site
I have a beautiful A2 with the rosewood rim and tone ring and the mountain ginseng on the peg head. While in North Carolina, I got to play a friend's Cedar Mountain A scale. He had it tuned regular and capoed up to D--so I took the capo off and tuned it right up into double D--and boy did that banjo punch up there with no capo. It was awesome!

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