Monday, June 19, 2006

Florida Folk Festival 2006

Here are a few photos taken at the Old Marble Stage on Sunday.
And here is a link to Dwight Hine's version of the the festival on the Global Ear.
Thanks Dwight, thanks for listening so closely. Your words take our breath away to realize that at least one person heard and understood. :)
Here's a little of Dwights voice.
"... the only way you can make amends is to rip out that terrible elevator music that is playing on the video in the water cooled Foster museum there, rip it out and put in some Mullet Run, some authentic Mary Z. Cox's "Banjo Dreamin Suwannee Nights", a bit of Murat's legacy due to old Bonaparte, and some Peruvian red Tamlin, with Z's husky throat singing like Ledbelly loved, deep and bare. "
Bob even chuckled at "Peruvian red Tamlin." Now we're glad we took a minute to show everyone the Goncala Alves (Peruvian redwood) of my Kurt Simmerman dulcimer. We think Kurt put a little magic in his dulcimers back when he was building regularly. :)

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