Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Florida Folk Festival Banjo Workshop

David Holt dropped by my old time banjo workshop as a special guest. I'm a big fan of his and I was totally in awe to see and hear him up close. Here we are trading banjos so I can try out his Deering Tree of Life and he can try my new Deering White Shell Laydie. What fun!


J-Walk said...

Very cool, Mary. Is that the one with the signatures all over the head?

Mary Z. Cox/A Secret Life of Banjo said...

Yes--and it is the one with the 4" rim. It is a very awesome banjo. David played my new banjo awhile too and he kept looking at it closer and closer as he was playing it and saying "wow, this is a really nice banjo."
This was so thrilling for me because I am a big fan of his and he is my favorite performer. He may even be more hilarious than Steve Martin. :)
By the way--I snapped the leash of banjo restriction--sent the check yesterday and I won't give details yet--but there is something very cool coming out of Texas. :)