Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday's banjo

Lo Gordon with a Cedar Mountain banjo. He has been using some beautiful Honduran rosewood for the tone rings. These are beautifully crafted banjos with that real mountain sound. Posted by Picasa


Tania said...

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for whatever song you want once you have found the
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if it does you copy the code from the code box by
rightclicking on your mouse with the text highlighted
and hit "copy" then you go into your blog template and
"paste" it wherever you would like it to show up ( i
suggest the sidebar to avoid interrupting anything
else) I also changed the size of it since it went in
really big i think it was 6' and i changed it to 3'
just by fooling around with the code that i pasted

I hope this helps i know i went into detail but i
don't know much about computers so i just explained
how i would need it explained to me:) if you have any
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Good Luck!!

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